Welcome to The Growler Garage!

The Growler Garage is Vermont’s first Craft Beer Filling Station to offer 21 taps of the best beers from Vermont and from around the world! We have a full service tasting bar, 1/2 gallon Growlers, 1/4 gallon Howlers and our latest addition…the 32 ounce Crowler! Complementing our draft selection, we also offer a number of hand-picked, bottled craft beers for you to choose from.

The craft beer industry is growing rapidly in Vermont, boasting the highest number of breweries per capita in the country. We aim to represent all of these fine breweries in one central location and bring to market the opportunity for you to purchase craft beers by volume at discounts of up to 75% from what you would expect to pay at a pub or restaurant.

The Growler Garage is pioneering the way to provide the highest quality and most diverse variety of craft beers that can be found in Vermont. In doing so, we intend to serve as the central hub for craft beer enthusiasts to come together to learn about and enjoy the best beers in the world.

We will soon host a Grand Re-opening to celebrate our new location at 30 Main Street in Burlington, Vermont! You’ll be able to find us next to Noonie’s Deli on the corner of Main Street and Battery Street. For the latest info be sure follow us on Facebook!

Our old location on Dorset Street will be CLOSED indefinitely while we transition to our new spot in Burlington. We hope to open the new spot during the weekend of Jazz Fest (June 3rd-ish).

Thank you for your understanding & we can’t wait to see you there!

How to Growl: Steps for Success


Choose one (or several) of the 21 fine craft beers we have available on tap.


Test drive your choices of beer in the comfort of The Growler Garage.


Take home a 64oz growler of craft beer to share with your family & friends.

Filling Growlers in a Pub

History of the Growler

Growl-er ‘grau-ler’ : A container bought by the measure to carry beer.

In the 1800s beer was a safer, more sterile beverage than milk or water and people drank it daily. Until electric refrigerators chilled bottles, all beer was brewed locally and sold from the tap. In the United States from the 1880’s to 1920, when Prohibition ended the legal production and sale of alcohol, the midday factory whistle signaled a meal and a beer break for laborers.

Groups of young boys, referred to as “Bucket Boys”, stood ready to collect the workers’ lunch pails and race them to the nearest saloon to be filled for the thirsty men. The boys carried many brimming buckets at one time by hanging them from a pole or other carrying device. This practice was called “Rushing the Growler.”

The origin of the term “Growler” is unclear.  Some say the term arose by the rumbling sound created by the carbon dioxide escaping through the lid as the beer sloshed around in the tin pail.  Other sources suggest that it was the constant conflict between the two parties – the bartender who was filling a two-quart pail with only one pint of beer and the customer who was expecting a FULL pail of beer…thereby causing some “growling”.

Today a growler is defined as, “A refillable glass, plastic, aluminum, or stainless steel container with a flip-top or screw-on lid that is no larger than 2 liters (0.5283 gallons) into which a malt beverage is prefilled, filled, or refilled for off-premise consumption.”

At The Growler Garage, we are proud to carry on the long tradition of filling growlers with the best and freshest craft beer from Vermont and from around the world.